Credit Repair

Although we work to be so much more than just a credit repair company, we realize it’s the first — oftentimes the most important — step you take towards obtaining important high credit scores. Unfortunately, credit card companies and financial lenders will have you believe the only way to improve your financial standing is by paying off old debt or waiting years for a bankruptcy or foreclosure to naturally fall off your report. Fortunately, we know there’s a better way. In fact, there are more ways than one to legally and quickly repair your credit in an affordable way.

Working within the system and utilizing all the legal protections provided to consumers, our credit repair specialists at Core Global Credit Solutions are experts in all aspects of credit. Standing apart from our competition, we never leave your credit repair to simple, templated letters to creditors, hoping for a quick and simple solution. We are committed to delivering unparalleled results. Our process is deliberate, assertive and transparent.

After a comprehensive consultation, we’ll get to work advocating for you with debt collectors and creditors. During our initial consultation, we’ll thoroughly discuss just what items are most damaging and we’ll provide you steps for fixing them. We’ll also create a customized plan that addresses your specific goals and needs. From there, we immediately implement our best strategies for quick results.

Discover the benefits of true credit repair by contacting our client care team now. We’ll get started right away on repairing your credit and improving your financial picture.