About Our Credit Repair Company

First and foremost, our goal is to protect you. Everything we do at Core Global Credit Solutions is structured to help you safeguard your financial future. Your personal Core Global Credit Solutions specialist is committed to act as your partner and advocate along every step of the credit repair process. Furthermore, because we care about your long-term financial security, we’ll provide sensible techniques and effective tools for a lifetime of good credit.

With more than a decade of combined industry experience, we know why the American consumer is hesitant to use a credit repair company to fix their credit. That is why we’ve structured our process differently than our competitors. Where they offer promises, we offer solutions. Where they demand payment, we demand results. Where they use antiquated techniques, we innovate and disrupt.

Led by industry professionals who thoroughly understand consumer protection laws, our team fights aggressively to remove negative, unverifiable marks from your credit report. For those score-harming situations, such as late or missed payments or charge-offs, we work with you to come up with feasible payment plans while avoiding costly mistakes.

Our proven techniques and methods have helped thousands of individuals enjoy the financial freedom that only a good credit report can promise. At Core Global Credit Solutions, we believe everyone deserves good credit and, with individualized credit repair, you can experience the peace of mind you deserve.

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